Class IX India- Size and Location Lesson Plan – 2024-25

India - Size and Location Lesson Plan

Written By Avinash Sharan

9th May 2022

India – Size and Location Lesson Plan – Class IX 

India – Size and Location lesson plan – Are you looking for it? Then you are at the right place. Planning your lessons are essential to complete within the given time frame. Moreover, it does not allow you to get deviated from the topic. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” India – Size and Location is a small chapter but it is concept based. Therefore, this lesson plan includes aims and objectives and activities recommended by the CBSE. We hope that this this lesson plan of Class IX India – Size and Location will help you in catering the need of every student. For Lesson Plan of History Chapter 1 French Revolution Click on the link.

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Class IX India – Size and Location Lesson Plan

This Lesson Plan includes:

  • Name of the Text Book
  • Name of the chapter
  • General Objective
  • Learning Objective
  • Specific Objective
  • Pedagogical strategies
  • Application of knowledge:
  • Teaching aids / Resources
  • Teacher Student Classroom Interaction:
  • Content / Teaching Points.
  • Methodology
  • Activities Planned
  • Class work
  • Home Work
  • Interdisciplinary linkages
  • Art Integration
  • Formative Assessment.
  • Remedial measures
  • Learning Outcome
  • Conclusion

Class IX India – Size and Location Lesson Plan 

i) Name of the Text Book:

Contemporary India – I

ii) Name of the chapter

India: size and location

iii) General Objective:

Firstly, to create interest in the subject.

Secondly, to develop thinking and problem solving skills.

Thirdly, to develop communication and collaborative skills among the students.

Fourthly, to make the students aware about the size and location of India

Finally to know about the neighboring countries.

iv) Learning Objective:

  1. to know about India.
  2. know about the neighboring countries.
  3. understanding time calculation.
  4. to understand the advantage of India’s location

v) Specific Objective:

  1. Firstly, To know the location of India in terms of LATITUDES & LONGITUDES 
  2. Understand the position, and neighbors of India.
  3. To understand the advantage of it’s location in the Indian Ocean..
  4. To learn to how to calculate time with the help of Longitudes.

vi) Pedagogical strategies

  • Modeling. After telling students what to do, it’s important to show them exactly how to do it.
  • Experiential Learning
  • Student-Led Classroom
  • Class Discussion

vii) Application of knowledge:

Apply the gained knowledge in their real life situation.

Class IX India – Size and Location Lesson Plan 

viii) Teaching aids / Resources

NCERT Text- book, Map of India, PPT.

Checking Previous Knowledge about India:

It is expected that students have at least basic knowledge of India and it’s neighboring countries.

ix) Teacher Student Classroom Interaction:

The teacher uses Interactive method to check their previous knowledge.

Teacher’s question: What are Latitudes and Longitudes?

Students answer:  Imaginary lines on globe.

Teacher:  why are these lines important for us?

Students:  To know the exact location of a place.

Teacher: Can you tell India lies in which hemisphere?

Students: Northern

Teacher:  Can you name some neighboring countries of India?

Students: Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bhutan etc.

Teacher: Do you know the Latitudinal and Longitudinal extent of India?

Students: Students are unable to answer. (Problematic question)

Announcement of the Topic:

Teacher: Today we will read about India – It’s size and Location.

Class IX India – Size and Location Lesson Plan 

x) Content Teaching points

  • India – Size and Location
  • India and the world
  • Neighboring countries of India.

xi) Methodology:

Explanation with the help of map and diagrams.

The teacher first introduces the topic to the class.

Checks their knowledge and understanding of the Lines on the globe namely Latitudes and Longitudes.

Explains the India’s NORTH-SOUTH & EAST-WEST extent.

Discusses about the Indian states, and about the three water bodies which surrounds India.

Further, the teacher discusses about the directions and sub-directions, Tropic of Cancer and India’s neighboring countries.

In due course of time, the teacher explains “TIME CALCULATIONS” India-size and location and the importance of India’s location in the Indian ocean.

While explaining the chapter, the teacher introduces some Geographical terms like Subcontinent, Peninsula, Gulf etc.

Class IX India – Size and Location Lesson Plan 

Teaching Method:

Interactive, Lecture cum Discussion Method

The teacher uses various methods to make the topic interesting.

Also interacts with the children so that they are involved in the discussion.

Explains India’s size and location on globe and map.

Thereafter, discusses the latitudinal and longitudinal extent.

Also discusses about the major directions and sub – directions.

Explains, time calculation.

Finally, discusses about neighboring countries and India’s strategic location in Indian ocean.

xii) Activities Planned – India – Size and Location 

(to be included in Lesson Plan)

India – Size and Location: Competency Based Questions For Class IX Geography Enthusiasts 

Activity 1: 


Map work


Location and identification of Indian states.


To know about the location of different states on the outline map of India.


i) children learn to identify the states.

ii) Children will know the location of Indian states.


1 Period


The teacher divides the class into five groups and gives 5 questions to each like

i) mark the desert states of India.

ii) two states which have a common capital.

iii) Group of states called the seven sisters.

iv) Name the states through which Tropic of Cancer passes.

v) Name the Indian states which borders Nepal.


The teacher will collect all five maps from each group and for each correct place one mark will be awarded.

ACTIVITY II – Map work (indoor)


The location of India at the head of the Indian ocean.


To understand the importance of India’s location at the head of the Indian ocean.


1 Period


Picture related. (Map)

The teacher divides the class into 5 groups.

Distributes a map (picture) to each group.


Find out,

  • the important silk route of India,
  • Europeans came to India by which sea route.
  • How Suez canal has reduced the distance between India and Europe.
  • Mark the important trade centers of India
  • India can trade with which countries through Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal.

(Each group can be given 1 topic)


The activity will be checked on the the following points:

i) Presentation

ii) Information

iii) Maps of the routes taken.

NOTE: All the five maps will be displayed on class board.


understanding of the topic and importance of location.

xiii) Class work:

Short questions framed from the chapter will be provided to the students. The students will note down these questions in their note books. Each student has to write the answer. Techniques to be used: Think pair share Discussion Group work.

Short questions Planned from India – Size and Location

  1. What is the Latitudinal and Longitudinal extent of India?
  2. Name the countries which are larger than India.
  3. Which neighboring country lie to it’s North-West.
  4. Name the neighboring countries of India?
  5. Which is the southern most point of India?
  6. Name the easternmost state of India.
  7. What is India’s contribution to the world?
  8. Name the International border line between India and China.
  9. Why is India’s North -South extent larger than it’s East West extent?
  10. Name all the union territories of India.

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xiv) Home work:

Long answer type questions.

Extra questions from the chapter.

Find out

Why is India’s North -South extent larger than it’s East West extent?

xv) Interdisciplinary linkages

Math: How to calculate time with the help of Longitudes .

History: Partition of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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Class IX India – Size and Location Lesson Plan 

xvi) Art Integration

Drawing the map of India with free hand.

Children will enjoy making the map of India using dough at home.

Watch this short video.

xvii) Formative Assessment:

All types of questions will be asked to the students to check their knowledge and understanding.

xviii) Remedial Measure:

  • Initially, the teacher prepares short questions and answers for the slow learners.
  • Moreover, the teacher also plans extra class after the school hours.
  • However, the teacher also uses “Pair and Share” method.

India – Size and Location Explained Step By Step: Understanding the Core Concepts

xix) Learning Outcome: 

After reading the chapter, the students will be:

  • Firstly, able to define subcontinent, Peninsula.
  • Secondly, explain directions and sub-directions.
  • Thirdly, mark and identify the neighboring countries in the map
  • Fourthly, Understands the importance of India’s location.
  • Lastly, able to calculate time with the help of Longitudes.

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xx) Conclusion: India – Size and Location Lesson Plan

This lesson plan of class IX Geography chapter 1 India – size and location caters the need of every child. While preparing lesson plans, a teacher must keep the following things in mind.

  • Firstly, Do not stick to your lesson plan. Be flexible.
  • Secondly, Focus on the objective right from the beginning.
  • Thirdly, You may deviate from your lesson plan depending on the actuality of the classroom.
  • Fourthly, keep up the students interests and motivation.
  • Finally, Assess students performance to know their achievements and drawbacks.

Here in this lesson plan on India – size and location, we have tried to include all the above points. If you like this lesson plan and you are eagerly looking for the next one click on the link ,Chapter-2 Physical Features Of India

Do subscribe with your mail id for next lesson plan.

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