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Shaping Minds believes in imparting knowledge in a simplified manner as possible. Pursuing to be a one-stop solution for all your problems, we stand to provide excellent guidance and a variety of fun ways to learn, explore and grow as an individual. We are also a firm believer of the fact that all students have some capacity to learn. It only takes the dedication and compassion of a teacher to ignite the wick and the light of a student start to shine.

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At Shaping Minds, we provide a one-stop solution for the students from classes VI to XII, related to Geography.

From Board Examination students to Competitive Examination Aspirants like TET, CTET, NTSE, NDA, UPSC. Shaping Minds is helpful for all.


Hello, I am Avinash Sharan working as a dominie (school teacher). My passion for teaching stems from the personal satisfaction I obtain by helping someone learn something new and the numerous benefits it has on my own understanding. My 20+ years of stand point experience has framed a conclusion in my mind that a child who says he can and a child who says he can’t are both usually right hand point. I see a child with two possibilities: One is that they have more value to add, but are unwilling (yet) to show greater initiative. Another is that they lack the confidence to utilize their “hidden” talents in a public fashion.
I feel motivated to take the responsibility for SHAPING MINDS of the future of tomorrow.
My hobby is writing short stories and directing short but “Thought Provoking” plays. I was awarded as Best Director for my plays by IPTA for four consecutive years. I believe in Thinking Differently.

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Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

For Classes 6 to 8, Shaping Minds offer the chapter wise curriculum guidance and important topics related to social science from all the boards, followed by quizzes, activities and lesson plan for references.

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For Class 9, Shaping Minds provides tips for writing answers in points along with that it also provides the important topics and guidance related to geography from all the boards, followed by quizzes, activities and lesson plan for references.

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For Class 10, Shaping Minds provide a one stop solution for all your board examination preparation. From the most expected questions to all the important topics in geography, this section covers it all.

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Great minds have purposes, little minds have wishes. Little minds are subdued by misfortunes whereas great minds rise above them.


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