Handwriting reveals your personality

Handwriting reveals your personality

Written By Avinash Sharan

17th March 2019


Handwriting reveals your personality

Handwriting reveals your personality

Do you know that Handwriting is brain writing. The way you think, the way you write.
Handwriting reveals your personality. In other words we can say that actually handwriting reflects your personality. It speaks about you and your personality.
Handwriting of every individual is different and https://shapingminds.in/do-you-know-that-you-are-unique/unique.
Graphologists (people those who study handwriting) use your handwriting to analyse your personality, behavior, temperament, character etc.
One cannot write for long in fake handwriting.
According to Aditi Surana I believe people may lie, but bodies are honest.
Handwriting, after a point, becomes brain writing, making it one of the most honest tools to read what is happening within the human mind.”

why Handwriting differs from person to person ?

Handwriting differs  from person to person because https://shapingminds.in/अपने-अंदर-छुपी-प्रतिभा-को/ of many different factors such as

.Your first guide/ teacher who guided you.

.Hold of your pen or pencil.

Pressure applied while writing.

.Spacing and size also matters.

Your sitting posture and most importantly

Co- ordination between your hand and brain.

Myths about handwriting:

  1. Lazy children have poor writing.
  2. Children with poor concentration have poor writing.
  3. Poor writing is because of “Lack of practice”
  4. Poor writing means poor student.

Ways to improve handwriting:

Avoid writing one page daily:

Writing everyday is a good way to develop discipline and focus.
But if it is a compulsion, it is not going to improve your handwriting.

Develop psycho motor skills:

Involve yourself in craft work, stitching, knitting, playing musical instruments.
Playing carom, chess, (marble) etc for better co- ordination between eyes, hands and brain.

Improve your sitting posture:

Sit with an upright back and keep your legs in neutral position.

Do not lean over your notebook/desk.


SLANT OF THE STROKE (for right handed persons): 

Right slant in cursive writing shows eagerness, high energy and confidence

Left slant indicates unwillingness or hiding emotions.

Writing straight without slant shows a balanced personality with controlled emotions.


·Upward writing on a plain paper shows open-mindedness and optimism.

·Downward writing on a plain paper indicates discouragement, unwillingness to write or fatigue (tiredness)

·Straight or horizontal writing indicates creativity and peace loving nature (self centered).

·Wavy writing shows lack of confidence, poor concentration and instability.


Large sized letters with proper gap show that the person likes openness.
A person whose spacing is very wide needs their space.
Small sized letters with fewer gaps indicate that the person is introvert, silent and bent inward.
If the spacing is too narrow, the writers does not allow themselves enough room to make their own decisions.
They are likely to be dependent on others.
NOTE: However, there are many more factors such as pressure applied, loops formation, marking dot on “i” and “j” etc.
which has to be studied in details for complete analysis and prediction of handwriting.


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