Blog Writing: A Student’s Guide to Earning While Learning

Written By Avinash Sharan

31st May 2024

How Can Students Earn Through Blog Writing?

Are you a student looking to earn some extra cash on the side? Blog writing might just be the perfect way for you to do so! In this article, we will discuss how students can make money through blog writing every day. Whether you are still in school or pursuing a degree in any subject, here are ways you can start earning through your Blog writing skills:

How Can Students Earn Through Blog Writing?


Every student is looking for ways to earn extra. In this digital age, it is simple. If you have a passion for writing you can start blogging. You can do this while pursuing your studies. Rather I would say that if you write an article on any topic, you will understand the topic well. This will also help you in preparing for your competitive exams. So, you get double the benefit of writing blogs. In this blog article, I will give you a few tips that will help you start your journey of blog writing and making some extra income.

Choose a Niche (subject)

I believed it would be simple to write about any subject and begin making money after reading a few articles on smartphones. I thus considered opening a blog. My mind was so full of ideas that I was itching to put them down on paper. I began writing about a wide range of subjects, including politics, geography, social problems, sports, and movies. This is the mistake that I want you to avoid making.

The most important thing is to decide on a niche,  (subject) for your writing. Anything you are enthusiastic about can be the topic, such as social science, food, politics, sports (cricket), travel, fashion, photography, cosmetic advice, interior design, etc. Initially, don’t start looking for ways to make money. Simply begin writing in more than 2000 words, then publish. The bigger the article, better will be the chance to rank on Google.

Selecting a Blogging Platform

The next thing on your mind will be where to write and how to publish my article. Don’t make an initial investment. Enter your user ID and password to log in to and begin writing. It’s free and you don’t have to pay anything. You’ll receive guidance on where to put the heading, paragraph breaks, etc. Start with a brief introduction first. Give a brief introduction of your subject in 100–150 words. Make sure to use the heading or the primary focus word of the article at least three times when writing the introduction. Let’s say your topic is “Low-cost beauty tips” for middle-class women. “Low-cost beauty tips” should be your main keyword here and should appear three times in your opening paragraph.

Publish” button on the upper right side of your page

After completing your article, you will find an orange color “Publish” button on the upper right side of your page. Just click the publish button and your article will be published. Anybody in the world can now read your article.

Write quality content:

After your blog is live on the Blogger platform, concentrate on producing excellent content. Find out a little bit about what the people are trying to find. What makes your page appealing to them? What unique offering are you going to make to your readers? Regarding the language and spelling, don’t worry. This is not a contest in which you are taking part. To ensure that everyone can understand you, use extremely basic language. Please do not duplicate this content elsewhere. Add at least one free picture. (You can get it from Pixabay free images)

Monetize your blog:

When you monetize a blog or website, you ask Google to display ads on the page for you to get revenue. AdSense will begin running ads on your articles as soon as you start making money. You can make money from your blog in a lot of other ways. To place and pay for their advertisements, get in touch with the larger retailers in your community. You can raise your revenue with affiliate marketing. You can charge for the guest post and make more money if someone is interested in writing a post or article on our website.

Advertise your post (article):

How will the article you wrote be discovered by others? Thus, after your piece has been published, distribute the link among your acquaintances, family, on social media, etc. Facebook has a large number of groups as well. You can share your post in several groups that you join. People will visit our page when they click on your link. They will return frequently to your page if they find your article to be helpful. Here’s how to get more people to read your writing.

Next, Install Google Analytics as well. You can find out how many people visited your website by using Google Analytics. Which specific article is receiving the most views, etc. Keep in mind that you might not receive many views at first. Do not get frustrated. Keep on writing and posting at least two articles every week. Maintain consistency.

How Can Students Earn Through Blog Writing?


Case Studies:

Seek out case studies of students who have written blogs and made good money. Present our articles and solicit feedback. Acquire the fundamental abilities needed to write and present an article. Continue reading articles about getting traffic to your blog posts. Learn the tricks of the trade from seasoned student bloggers. Younger people can also find useful information on YouTube. Make your own WordPress website if you believe you are receiving enough daily views. For bloggers, WordPress is a more expansive platform. WordPress articles are more reliable and have a higher chance of being approved by AdSense quickly. You might now need to invest a minimum of Rs 5000 to do this.

Overcoming Challenges:

You shouldn’t start a blog if you lack writing patience and skills. Within two years of starting a blog, 50% of bloggers stop. Of course, there are many ways to make money, but the pay is extremely low. Don’t believe that blogging will make you a millionaire. Nobody is paid well by default. It will take a lot of work for you to earn a good living. Even if you stop blogging, if you become a well-known blogger you can continue to make a steady living from it forever.

For this reason, I encourage my students to start their own blogs. By the time you land a job, you will have a side source of income. Even if it takes you five years to establish yourself as a blogger. You can continue to make investments on your website to make it more attractive and professional. Be ready to face a few more challenges such as:

I) Balancing academic commitments with blogging:

The first obstacle you will encounter if you want to start blogging is juggling your academic obligations. You have a lot of subjects, exams, projects, homework, revision, etc. as a student. Thus, it won’t be a simple task. Even so, blogging is still an option if you are dedicated and diligent. Additionally, you are producing content that is relevant to the subject matter, which will aid you in your academic endeavors and test-taking preparation.

ii) Managing time effectively:

Blogging necessitates planning a topic and breaking it down into smaller subjects, including images and links from other websites, among other things. To put it briefly, it takes time. You’ll need to schedule study and blogging time. You will have to spend less time on Facebook and Instagram in order to accomplish this. Instead of wasting your time on Instagram and Facebook, let people search for you there.

How Can Students Earn Through Blog Writing?


Through Blog Writing, every student is trying to find additional income. It’s easy in this digital age. You can start a blog if writing is your passion. The most crucial step in writing is selecting a topic (or niche). The topic can be anything you are passionate about. Don’t start looking for ways to earn money right away. Avoid making a first-time investment. Start writing on You don’t have to pay anything for it and it is free.

Once your blog is up and running on the Blogger platform, focus on creating high-quality content. There are numerous other ways that your blog can generate revenue. You can start writing on our National leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Nehru, etc. Also, you can write short essays, poems, stories, lesson plans, projects, etc.  There are a lot of groups on Facebook as well. Students can use these steps to leverage their interest in social science and writing abilities to make money by writing blogs.

Was this article helpful to you? Do not hesitate to write your views in the box below. If you have any queries related to blog writing, feel free to ask any questions. We will try to reply the same within 24 hours.

Happy Blog Writing to all student enthusiasts.

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