Class VIII Human Resources Lesson Plan That May Change Your Perspective


Written By Avinash Sharan

30th January 2022

Class VIII Social Science Human Resources Lesson Plan With Activities

Class VIII Social Science Human resources lesson plan with activities is mainly for the teachers teaching in classes VIII and IX. The Human Resources lesson plan is also useful for the teachers doing B. Ed. Here, the first thing that we need to understand is, that if human beings are resources then we must try to increase our population. More people means more resources. More resources mean more development. Then, why do we need to control the population? Are all human beings resources or some are resources and others are liabilities. To understand and teach this, we need to have a detailed Human Resources lesson plan.

Class VIII Social Science Human Resources Lesson Plan

Subject: Geography No. of periods required: 07 to 08 Name of the chapter: Human Resources

General Objective:

i) Firstly, to create interest in the subject. ii) Secondly, to develop thinking and problem-solving skills. iii) Thirdly, to develop communication and collaborative skills among the students. iv) Fourthly, to make the students aware of the benefits of Human Resources and v) Finally to know about methods of population control.

Learning Objective:

  1. to know about Human Resources.
  2. know about the uneven distribution of population.
  3. to differentiate between population growth and population change.
  4. to understand how humans contribute in Nations development.

Specific Objective:

  • acquire knowledge on human resources.
  • relate how climate ,topography, affect the distribution of population.
  • understand different terms like migration, birth rate, death rate, Literacy etc.
  • know about the factors that affect the population.
  • also to understand the role and importance of healthy population.


Apply the gained knowledge in their real life situation.

Teaching Aid:

Black-Board, Chalk, Duster, Smart class, PPT’s., Images of human skills.

Previous Knowledge On Resources:

It is expected that students have at least basic knowledge of surrounding, man made and natural resources.

Teacher Student Interaction On Human Resources:

The teacher uses Interactive method to check their previous knowledge. Teacher’s question: What are resources? Students answer:  Anything which is useful to us. Teacher:  what are the different types of resources? Students:  Natural, Man made and Human resources. Teacher: Can you give some examples of natural resources? Students: Air, water, land, soil, sunlight, coal, iron. Teacher:  Can you give some examples of Man made resources? Students: Roads, buildings, monuments, bridges, stadium, hospitals, car, train etc. Teacher: Can you give some examples of human resources? Students: Students are unable to answer. (Problematic question) Announcement of the Topic: Teacher: Today we will read about Human Resources.

Teaching Points:

  • Introduction
  • Distribution of Population
  • Density of population
  • Factors affecting distribution of population
  • Population Change
  • Patterns of population change.
  • Population Composition.

Class VIII Social Science Human Resources Lesson Plan

Teaching Method: Interactive, Lecture cum Discussion Method

The teacher uses various methods to make the topic interesting.

Also interacts with the children so that they are involved in the discussion.

Explains what is human resource by giving them examples?

Thereafter, discusses how man-made resources are different from human resources.

Also discusses the factors affecting the distribution of the population.

Explains, Birth rate, Death rate, literacy, types of migration, and occupation

Finally, discusses the importance of a healthy population.

Activity 1: To Understand Distribution of Population: Human Resources Lesson Plan

Group size: 8 – 10 students.

Time Duration:  30 minutes.


The teacher divides the class into four groups.

Teacher’s instructions:

Firstly, I am going to divide the class into four corners?

10 students will be sent out from the class.

They will enter only when they are asked.

After entering the class, these students have to select any one corner of their choice.

Other students will observe.

10 students are sent out.

In the meantime, the teacher along with other students arrange the four corners of the room in the following manner.

Corner 1 will have two water bottles.

Corner 2 will have five tiffin boxes and 1 water bottle.

The third Corner will have 15 water bottles and 15 tiffin boxes.

Corner 4 will have nothing.

Now, 10 students are asked to enter and select a corner of their choice where they have to remain for the whole day.

Moreover, other students will observe and write the reason why most of the students have preferred corner 3.

Activity 2: To understand Density of Population: Human Resources Lesson Plan

Group size: All 40 students.

Time Duration:  30 minutes.


First, the teacher divides the class into four groups.

Then, the teacher asks all the students to leave the class.

Thereafter, the First 10 students are called and asked to occupy any seat in the classroom.

So, the number of seats is more and the population in the class is less.

Now, The teacher asks 20 students to occupy any two tows.

This time, all the students get their seats and both the rows are filled.

This time, The teacher asks all 40 students to occupy one row.

Now, the students rush and push each other and struggle to get a seat.

This is what happens when the space is less and there are more people.

Finally, this activity explains the density of the population.

Activity 3: Map Activity: (Human Resources Lesson Plan)

Group size: 7-8 students.

Time Duration:  30 minutes.


The teacher divides the class into four groups.

Group 1 is asked to look at the atlas and mark the most densely populated areas of India.

Group 2 is asked to mark the moderate densely populated areas of India in the outline map.

Similarly, group 3 is asked to mark the areas with low population on the map of India.

Group four students will go to each row and ask the reason for high, moderate, and low population and will award marks.

Finally, the teacher asks all the groups to put their map on the display board.

Activity 4: Case Studies: (Human Resources Lesson Plan)

Group size: 5-6 students.

Time Duration:  30 minutes.


The teacher divides the class into 8 groups.

Each group has 5 members. Each group member has to mention that he/she is originally from which state.

Why his parents or grandparents leave the village and settled in the city.

Or why he left his state and is working in some other state.

Why one of the family members has gone abroad?

If you are given a chance to settle anywhere in the world, which place will you prefer and why?

Finally, every group member has to write and submit it to the teacher in 30 minutes of time.

Assessment Criteria:

i) Knowledge of the subject. ii) Presentation.

Two students (who are not participating) along with the teacher will judge the activity and accordingly marks will be awarded to the group.

Skills developed:

i) thinking and problem-solving skills. ii) collaborative skills.


Short questions framed from the chapter will be provided to the students.

The students will note down these questions in their notebooks.

Each student has to write the answer.

Techniques to be used:

Think pair share Discussion Group work.

Short questions Planned For Human Resources Lesson Plan

  1. Which is the most populated country in the world?
  2. Name the most populated continent in the world?
  3. Which is the most populated state in India?
  4. What is the density of the population?
  5. Which is the most densely populated country in the world?
  6. Which is the most densely populated state of India?
  7. Who are immigrants?
  8. Who are emigrants?
  9. What is Life expectancy?
  10. Which Indian state has a favorable  Sex ratio? Give one reason.
  11. Which Indian state has an unfavorable sex ratio? Give one reason.
  12. Why do people move from rural to urban areas?


  1. Why European countries are more developed and densely populated?
  2. In spite of its huge population, how China has become one of the most developed nations in the world. Find out?  चाइना से क्या सीखें ?

Interdisciplinary activities planned for Social Science Human Resources Lesson Plan:

The teacher gives enough choice.

Students have to participate in any one activity.

However, students are free to take up any one activity either individually or in a group.

Best Role Play Activities To Improve Communication Skills

Integrating with Mathematics: Collect the census report from 1901 to 2021.

Represent it on the graph. Calculate the increase or decrease of population in percentage.

Integrating with Political Science: Make strict laws on population control?

Integrating with English / Hindi: The government of India is planning to increase the age of marriage of girls from 18 to 21. Write your opinion?

Write the advantages of a healthy population?

OR Write slogans to make the people aware of small and healthy families.

Integrating with Biology: Mention the problems of adolescent age

Assessment criteria:

Moreover, the teacher will assess the project report under the following parameters: Content, Presentation and Language.

Class VIII Social Science Human Resources Lesson Plan

Learning Outcome:

After reading the chapter, the students will be:

  • Firstly, able to define human resource and census.
  • Secondly, differentiate between man made and human resource.
  • Thirdly, appraise the efforts made by the government to control population.
  • Fourthly, Understands the merits of a healthy population.
  • Lastly, able to play an important role in the conservation of human skills into human resource.

Remedial Measures:

  • Initially, the teacher prepares short questions and answers for the slow learners.
  • Moreover, the teacher also plans extra class after the school hours.
  • However, the teacher also uses “Pair and Share” method.

Class VIII Social Science Human Resources Lesson Plan


Human Resources lesson plan caters the need of every child. It is also helpful to the new teachers. Human Resources lesson plan has four interesting activities. Students will love these activities in the class. Apart from this, Children will also love to link it with other subjects. Children will understand why human resources are the greatest resource. Tell more things to your students how China developed in spite of huge population. Lastly, If possible, let the students do Census in their locality. Was this lesson plan on Human Resources helpful to you in anyway? Do you also think that population is a big hurdle in the development of a country? Write your views in the comment box given below.

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