Best Role Play Activities To Improve Communication Skills

Best Role Play Activities To Improve Communication Skills. This blog article is really going to be interesting. Role Plays are an excellent way to develop interest in the subject of your students. It also helps to cover the vast syllabus in short time. The best thing about Role Play is that every student participates. It engages the class and make children responsive. Role Plays simulate real life situations. Just connect your students with real life situations. Ultimately this is what they would do in a real life.

Role Plays are of two types. Scripted and Non-scripted. Give your students dialogues ask them to learn and perform. This is how scripted role play activities can be helpful. But, this will increase the work load of the teachers. Another way is to give them a real life situation and ask them to speak. This is instant. This will also help the teacher to know prior knowledge of the child. You can also incorporate these “Best Role Play Activities To Improve Communication Skills” in your lesson plan .

Best Role Play Activities To Improve Communication Skills

Role Play Activities to improve communication skills in classroom

Role Play Activities to improve communication skills.

Try These Short, Fresh And Interesting Role Play Activities In Your Class

Conversation between Tree and Human Being:

Purpose: To understand the importance of Nature.

Class IX Natural vegetation and wildlife -Notes, MCQ’s with NCERT solutions 

Child I as Tree: Good Morning my friend, How are you.

Child 2 as Human: Good Morning. I am fine but it’s really hot, isn’t it.

Tree: Do you know why it is so hot?

Human: Yes, Because it’s the summer season.

Tree: Summer was never too hot when I was young. It is because of pollution and cutting of trees.

Human: O, Yes. That is why I feel chocked, burnt and hungry.

Tree: Chocked, burnt and hungry, why?

Human: Chocked because of pollution, burnt because of temperature and hungry because of no food.

Tree: Pl. don’t mind, but this is because I am taking revenge from you.

Human: Revenge from me, but why? What have I done. I am your best friend.

Tree: No, humans are my biggest enemy. They have killed all my friends and relatives. I am the only one left in your colony.

Human: Oh no, you can’t do this. This is not fair.

Tree: Very soon, you will see that there will be no water in your colony. People will suffer.

Human: But why? How can you be so cruel? I don’t want to be your friend, bye.

Tree: Just wait. I am not responsible. You people are only responsible. You are cutting the trees, use vehicles for short distances and in spite of being educated, you do not respect the nature.

Human: Starts crying.

Tree: Don’t cry. Crying is not the solution. As you are my friend, I want to give you a suggestion. Tell all your friends to do plantations. Use cycle or walking for short distances. Use rainwater and allow it to go underground. Have respect for nature. Everything will be fine in few days.

Human: I will tell all my friends and relatives to do this from this Sunday only. Can we remain friends then?

Tree : Of course. Why not. Enjoy these fruits as you are hungry.

Always remember ” If you disturb the Nature, the Nature will disturb you.”

Salesman / Sales girl selling Coal:

Purpose: To know about different varieties of coal and it’s importance


Sales girl/boy: Rings the door bell.

Housewife: Who is it? Just wait, coming….

Sales girl: Namaste Madam. I am a sales girl and I have come here to sell coal.

Housewife: What…. Coal… No no. no. ….sorry …. not interested.

Sales girl: Madam, don’t purchase but at least give me a chance to show the varieties of coal I have brought for you.

Housewife: I told you, neither I have to purchase nor I have to see. Thankyou…….

Sales girl: Madam, can I get a glass of water please?

Housewife: O.K, wait…

Sales girl: In the meantime she displays all varieties of coal.

Housewife: water…

Sales girl: Thanks. Drinks water… Maam, I am sure you must have never seen this many varieties of coal.

Housewife: Varieties of coal. I know all coals are same and it pollutes the atmosphere.

Sales girl: Madam see. Just a demonstration. Takes out a match box. Burns a small piece of coal. See madam, how quickly it burns and no pollution also.

Housewife: (Surprised). Really no pollution. Which coal is it.

Sales girl: Madam, this is the best quality coal Anthracite. Very rare. See it has a shiny Dark black colour. It gives more heat and less smoke.

In market you will get in Rs 200/Kg but I can give you in just Rs.160.

Housewife: Can you show me the other types of coal.

Sales girl: Yes Madam. Sure. This light black colour coal which is called Bituminous. It is also good but mainly used in industries for melting iron. In India, it is found in Jharkhand & Chhattisgarh.

Madam, see this. This is dark brown coal called as Lignite. People use it in industries and for domestic purpose also. In India, it is mainly found in Tamil Nadu. Poor people use this.

I have one more variety of coal. It is called Peat. Though it is the cheapest but I will not recommend you to purchase.

Housewife: Why?

Sales girl: This is light weight and light brown in colour. If you burn this, it will give out more of smoke and less of heat.

So madam. How much coal would you like to purchase?

Mother comparing her two children: (Metaphor)

Purpose: To understand the difference between copper and Aluminium.

Mother: I have two children.

Elder one is Copper and younger one is Aluminium.

I do not have any complains against my elder son copper.

Though my copper is not white but still has got a very unique colour.

It shines like Gold.

You can make electrical wires, utensils, coins etc.

Even if high current flows through it, it can tolerate easily.

Big company’s are ready to pay high price for copper.

But, on the other hand, my younger son Aluminium, is very naughty.

I am very much worried about it’s weight. He is very weak and light.

It can also do everything what my elder son copper can do.

You can make utensils, electrical wires, coins etc.

As it is weak, it can not tolerate high voltage current. It has less tolerance.

But because of it’s light weight, aeroplanes are made from it.

Copper has richness therefore it is costly and valuable. Aluminium is comparatively cheap.

Both of them differ very much.

Now both of them are grown up and working at different places.

If you want to meet copper, you will have to go to Balaghat (M.P).

You can find aluminium in Orissa.

Today, both of my children are well settled and doing well.

I feel proud of them.

UPSC / IAS Interview of River Ganga.

Purpose: to know about river pollution.

  1. Tell me about yourself?

I am Miss Ganga.

Gangotri in Himalayas in my home town.

I am 50 million years old and my total length is 2525 Kms.

2. Why do you want to become IAS Officer?

I love my country very much.

I want to become IAS Officer to serve the country at different levels, work for the welfare of the underprivileged and contribute towards the nation’s development.

3. Tell me about your any two positive and negative strengths.

My two strengths are:

  1. I make one of the most fertile plains of the world.
  2. My basin is very fertile and suitable for agriculture.

My two weaknesses are:

  1. I am the fifth most polluted river in the world.
  2. Every year I get flooded and cause heavy loss to life and property.

4. Over the years, rapid population growth and exponential growth of industrialization and urbanization within the basin has subjected the river to various forms of degradation. In other words many have exploited you. If you are given a chance to take revenge on anyone, would you take revenge or forgive them?

According to me, I emphasize the importance of forgiveness because I feel that revenge doesn’t work. My purpose to come on the earth was to save and help people and to make their life better. With situations like this in my life, I take solace in the notion of karma, that sooner or later, what goes around comes around.

5. If you are posted in Uttar Pradesh or Bihar, How will you reduce water pollution?

First of all I would like to create awareness and try to make the people understand the importance of pure river water. But at the same time I will make sure that

i. Toxic Chemicals are not thrown over me.

ii) I will suggest farmers to go for organic farming.

iii) Request industrialists not to dump Industrial wastes.

iv) Medical and human wastes are treated and disposed properly.

v) Try to use filters in drains and by promote rainwater harvesting in every village.

I am sure that people will understand and co-operate with me.

6. Tell us something about your achievements.

i) Many civilizations have developed on my banks.

ii) I have been providing fresh water to the people for cooking, bathing, fishing, domestic work, agriculture and industries.

iii) I have provided nutrient rich Alluvial soil to millions of people.

iv) Tried to provide medicinal benefits to many people.

v) I was declared as National River of India in 2008.

O.k Miss Ganga. You have performed very well and have handled many tough situations patiently. Also, You have answered all the questions very honestly. You have proved yourself that  YOU ARE UNIQUE ?

We wish you all the very best for your future ahead. Thank you very much.

Plastic appears in AAP KI ADALAT

Purpose: To understand how does Plastics harm the environment?

Lawyer: On heavy demand through Fb, Twitter and other social media, today we have invited Plastic in the court.

Plastic ji, welcome to the show. With due permission of our Hon’ble judge, I would like to start the proceedings.

Judge: Permission granted. Start the proceedings.

Lawyer: The very first blame on plastic is “It is non-biodegradable”.

Plastic: I accept that I am non-biodegradable but at the same time Non-biodegradable wastes can be managed by practicing the concept of

3Rs—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. It depends upon you how you make use of me.

Lawyer: Second blame on you is ” you produce toxic fumes when burnt”.

Plastic: If you burn anything, it will release harmful gas only. Why put blame on me? When I can be recycled, why should you burn me.

Lawyer:  Next blame on you is “You harm the environment by choking the drains.”

Plastic: Do I go to the drain or you people take me to the drain.

If you throw me in the drains, I will not allow water to flow. That’s my property.

This is how  I protect you and your things from water.

Lawyer:  You are ruining our soils and lands. The plastic litter in the water is mistaken for food by the aquatic animals. You are

spreading like a disease which has no cure. What is your say on this?

Plastic: I am to be used properly. If you use me properly, I can be very helpful. But, people throw me on road, at railway platforms, in market,

in water on burn me here and there and instead of blaming the people, you are blaming me. What is my fault?

Lawyer: Government is planning to ban plastics and are looking for other alternatives, how do you feel?

Plastic: Other alternatives were already there before I was born but I can not be replaced. If government is going to put a ban on me, the government itself will be in trouble.

Lawyer: What message would you like to give to the new generation?

Plastic: First thing is to use me properly with due respect. You can make series of incredible benefits from me everyday. I can be used many times, protect your things for long, save your money as I am cheap and reduce the load of your gadgets because of my light weight. If you will litter, burn or throw me here and there, I can be very dangerous.

Lawyer: Thank you very much. May I now request the Hon’ble Judge to give his judgement.

Judge: After listening from both sides, I have come to the conclusion that:

  • Though plastics are Non-Biodegradable, emits harmful gas when burnt and degrades the soil, there is no doubt that it also has many advantages.
  • People must learn to use it wisely as it can be reused and recycled.
  • Government can decrease the use of plastics but can not ban plastics completely without making the alternate arrangements.


Key benefits of Role Play Activities in classroom:

  • Develops communication and language skills.
  • Allows children to think out of box and make sense of real life situations.
  • Develops social skills as children learn to collaborate.
  • Allows children to explore, investigate, discuss, debate and analyze.

Do you think that Role Plays really stimulates the brain and make the children active learners? Out of the five activities mentioned above, which activity you liked the most. Write in the comment box and share your experiences of using Role Play Activities in your class.


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