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2nd January 2020


Do you really believe that your handwriting create first impression or it reflects your personality ? Handwriting is an essential skill for both children and adults. For small children ,handwriting activates the brain because it involves more complex motor and cognitive skills. Handwriting contributes to reading fluency because it activates visual perception of letters.It helps in creating good impression as well. Handwriting is a predictor/ forecast of success in other subjects, because good handwriting has a positive impact on scoring better. Illegible handwriting can cause poor self-esteem which in return can trigger loss of confidence. you may fail to create good impression.

Psycho-Motor skill

Brain and Hand co-ordination

HOW TO CREATE FIRST IMPRESSION THROUGH YOUR HANDWRITING : Handwriting is brain writing. The way you think, the way you write. It reveals your personality. It speaks and speaks volumes of an individual. Handwriting of every individual is different and unique. Handwriting also creates a good impression on others and boosts your confidence. Graphologists (people those who study handwriting) use your handwriting to analyse your personality, behaviour, temperament, character etc. One cannot write for long in fake handwriting. According to Aditi Surana “I believe people may lie, but bodies are honest. Handwriting, after a point, becomes brain writing, making it one of the most honest tools to read what is happening within the human mind.”


1. Your first guide or teacher who taught you to hold the pencil.
2. The way you hold your pen or pencil.
3. Pressure applied at the time of writing.
4. Proper spacing and font size.
5. Your sitting posture and
6. Co- ordination between your hand and brain.




• Lazy children have poor writing:

Very often we see and hear that children whose writing is poor are lazy but it’s not true. Many children have poor writing and many successful people also have poor writing but they are not necessarily lazy. They may take time in creating good impression.

• Children with poor concentration have poor writing:

To some extent it is true because if there are many thoughts coming altogether in one’s mind, it may lead to poor handwriting.बच्चे-पढाई-में-क्यों-कमज़ो/ Therefore, it is recommended to focus or meditate.

A child will poor concentration will not be able to stand on one  leg keeping his hands stretched in front and  eyes closed.

• Poor writing is because of “Lack of practice”:

Poor writing may be because of many factors such as parents or teachers keep on telling a child to write, harsh criticism by teacher or classmates, pain in his hands or fingers etc.

lack of practice may lead to poor writing skills but not handwriting.

• Poor writing means poor student:

An orthodox thinking is “poor writing means poor .” Writing does not decide whether you are good or poor but definitely a child with poor writing may fail to create the first impression.अपने-अंदर-छुपी-प्रतिभा-को/ Therefore, it’s always recommended to have a good writing at least it should be legible if not good.


1. Avoid writing one page daily:

Writing everyday is a good way to develop discipline and focus but if it is a compulsion, it is not going to improve your handwriting. In many schools and homes, it is being followed even today. This method is very old and traditional. Instead, new methods must be developed to improve writing. To improve one’s writing first teach the child to focus and then through play-way method their writing can be improved.

There was a teacher who used to write a paragraph along with her children everyday in poor writing and she used to complete her writing just few seconds later than her students. The students loved to defeat her teacher and in this process students developed writing fast everyday. On the other hand, a mother used to give her child an English newspaper and asks the child to copy any one paragraph everyday to improve his writing. You may now decide, which method is better.

2.  Develop psychomotor skills:

Motor co-ordination is achieved when subsequent body parts are combined in a manner that is well timed, smooth and efficient. This helps in the child’s mental and physical development. Involve your child in craft work, stitching, knitting, playing musical instruments or playing carom, chess, kancha (marble) etc for better co- ordination between eyes, hands and brain. When there is a good co-ordination between hands, eyes and brain the writing automatically improves. Few activities to develop psycho motor skills are:



           GOOD CONCENTRATION –             GOOD WRITING

  1. give your child a glass of water and ask him to fill an empty cup with a dropper.
  2. Mix few grains of pulses in a bowl of rice and ask the child to separate it.
  3. Playing carrom is a nice way to develop eye, hand and brain co-ordination.

3.  Improve your sitting posture:

Sitting posture during handwriting matters a lot. Very often we see a child sitting with his feet stretched out, his back rounded and leaning over the desk. This sight can be observed in any random classroom. Good sitting posture ensures good alignment and the stress on your ligaments, muscles are evenly distributed across your body. Poor posture may lead to strain on your body leading to achy muscles in your back, arms or joints. A wrong sitting posture may lead to poor or illegible handwriting.




  1. Sit with back up straight at 90 degrees.
  2. Elbows well over the desk.
  3. feet flat on the floor.
  4. neck, shoulder and other body muscles relaxed.
  5. Paper slightly tilted towards the right in case of right handed children and vice-versa.
  6. keep your legs in neutral position. (Do not shake your legs)
  7. Do not lean over your notebook/desk.


A good handwriting automatically creates a good impression on others. Calligraphy can also be taken as a profession. It attracts people and develops your self esteem. Handwriting of a child can be improved up to the age of 10 yrs after that it becomes difficult to bring the improvement. With increase in age the bones and muscles become stiff. Good handwriting may be God gifted also. Right methods adopted will definitely help you to write better.




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