5 Best Fun Loving Activities In Class X Geography Lesson Plan On Forest and Wildlife Resources

forests and wildlife resources class x

Written By Avinash Sharan

10th July 2021

Lesson Plan On Forests and Wildlife Resources

 Lesson plan on Forests and wildlife resources is to explore the subject in a better way. It makes you more focused if you have a detailed class X  Lesson Plan on Forests and wildlife resources well in advance. Moreover, a good lesson plan divides the chapter into different parts. It helps in better time management. Although, this chapter Forests and wildlife resources will not be assessed in the final Board exam but has to be taught this year. However, forests and wildlife resources will be internally assessed. Therefore, for better interaction with students and to eliminate your fear and doubts let’s begin an activity-based Lesson plan on Forests and Wildlife Resources.

Lesson Plan On Forests and Wildlife Resources – Class X

Chapter: 3

General Objective:

  • To understand the importance of forests and wildlife in our environment.
  • To develop concept towards depletion of resources.

Specific Objective:

Firstly, to understand the importance of Biodiversity.

Secondly, to Sensitize children about the decline of forest cover.

Finally, to understand the role of Government and community in the conservation of forests and wildlife.

Previous knowledge:

First, the teacher will ask a few questions to get an idea of their previous knowledge.

Have you ever heard about flora and fauna?

Can anybody tell me what is Natural Vegetation?

Do you know the meaning of Biodiversity and ecosystem?

What is the National bird and animal of India?

Tools/Teaching aids:

Text Book, Black Board, chalk, Map of India, smart board, Images and PPT


Interactive and explanatory method.

The teacher will show a few images of wild animals and ask them to identify.

Then the teacher asks do you know where do these animals live?

Students response: Forests.

Next question by teacher, why do they live in forests?

Students response: because they get food and shelter.

If we cut all the trees, where will these animals live?

Students response: They will enter in towns and cities.

So, do you want these animals to enter in your house?

Students  response : No teacher.

Do you think these animals are important for maintaining the ecosystem?

Students response: ????

Now, the teacher begins the chapter by explaining the meaning and importance of Natural vegetation.

Click For class IX Natural vegetation and wildlife -Notes, MCQ’s with NCERT solutions .

Also explains IUCN classification and the role of community in conservation of forests and wildlife.

Content/ Teaching Points:

Introduction of the chapter

Category of flora and fauna.

Causes for the depletion of flora and fauna.

Conservation of forests and wildlife in India.

Role of community in the conservation of flora and fauna.

Activity – 1:

Debate on the topic ” Is our Natural Vegetation Natural in real sense”?


Firstly, to know about the minimum forest cover required for maintaining ecological balance.

Also, to understand the importance of forests and wild animals.

Skills Developed:

Thinking, speaking, Listening and decision making skills.

Assessment criteria:

Moreover, this chapter will be assessed in periodic test, therefore will not be assessed in the classroom.

Activity – II : Diagnostic test (oral)

  1. Why are trees grown in and around industries?
  2. Name the factors that affect the nature of vegetation found in a region.
  3. Mention the advantages of forests.
  4. How did Sunderban forests get its name?
  5. Which wildlife animals are the major target of poachers  Class X NTSE 2020-21 – Most expected Geography Questions with Answers ?

Activity – III : Currency designing.

Lesson Plan of Forests and wildlife resources with multiple activities.

Class X – Forests and Wildlife Resources – Classroom Activity.

Design a 1000 rupee currency to create awareness among the people towards conserving forests and wildlife resources..

Activity – IV : Writing slogans in Hindi/English.

The teacher writes a slogan on the board “SHOOT THE ANIMALS WITH CAMERA, NOT


Teacher, asks the students to think, imagine and write beautiful slogans in Hindi/English.

Activity V :

Conduct an imaginary interview of a wild animal in the class.

Class work:

The class notes will be given by the teacher.

Text book questions will be discussed and done in the class.

Home-work: (Map work)

  1. Draw a colourful map of different types of forests found in India.
  2. Read about “Chipko Movement”.
  3. Find out and locate important National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Values imparted:

Firstly, Respect for our cultural heritage.

Secondly, Empathy towards trees and wild animals.Ob

Integrated learning:

  1. Integrating with Hindi

Write down the poem हम पंछी उन्मुक्त गगन के in your note book.

2. Integrating with Science (Biology)

Make a list of medicines which we obtain from different types of trees and wild animals.

Learning Outcome:

Firstly, after reading this chapter, students will be able to

Secondly, define flora, fauna, ecosystem and biodiversity.

Thirdly, classify forests and wildlife as per IUCN.

Lastly, explain the role played by local community and government in conservation of forests and wildlife.

Remedial Measure:

Each One- Teach One.

Obviously, the teacher asks the students to help the slow learners by clearing their doubts.

Class X Geography Lesson Plan On Forest and Wildlife Resources With Activities


I hope you get an idea from Geography lesson plan on Forests and wildlife resources.

Multiple activities have been added.

Therefore, teachers can use these classroom activities for better understanding of the students.

Forests and wildlife resources is one of my favorite chapters of class X geography.

In this chapter, the government has accepted that many of their policies were harmful for the environment.

The local community of Rajasthan has contributed in a better way to the conservation of forests and wildlife resources.

Even Salman Khan was in trouble when he killed  Black Buck

This type of spirit must be developed in the new generation after reading the chapter of class X – Forests and wildlife resources.

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