Reservation: should be or should not be. Avinash Sharan

Written By Avinash Sharan

7th February 2019

The word “reservation” kindles hope for some people and anger in others. Both are justified. The idea of reservation came into existence with a purpose to provide opportunities to the socially downtrodden. The division of society into caste and then the wrong interpretation of the caste system have given rise to reservations. People those who divided the society earlier and enjoyed the benefits are only the real sufferers of this very system. With many metamorphoses to the original rule, the present day reservation system has come up to this shape.
Why reservation is necessary:

For thousands of years a particular group of people were unprivileged and still they are at many places in India. On the other hand upper caste people dominated the society and were privileged. Even today, the mindset of the people has not changed. All those who protest against reservations are still not ready to come out of their caste, gender, regional and religious feelings. Still a few consider themselves to be superior to others just because they are socioeconomically privileged. (A socioeconomic status is measured as a combination of caste, religion, education, income and occupation). For example, being physically fit is not a socioeconomic privilege, but being born in an upper caste or a rich family is a socioeconomic privilege. All those who have faced social discrimination for thousands of years and were deprived of the benefits enjoyed by the rich and upper caste, they definitely need a supporting hand from the elected government in an independent country in the form of reservations. . Now, for a suppressed group, that never had seen the letters for over one thousand years, to learn something new is an uphill task. Even to get into the school, it would take one or two generations before children make it a habit to go to school. And you want them to compete with people who are already in the prime? Therefore it is a must.

Reservation should be banned immediately:

Give a chance to the deserved rather than the reserved. After seven decades of independence, the reservation is still being used, rather misused by the people in power for their own advantages. Ideally speaking only the best should be given opportunity at all spheres. Reservation is not a solution for the downtrodden. Children of general category are not responsible for their condition then why should they suffer. Pushing the meritorious back is doing injustice with them. Merit and only merit should come forward. Forget about the deeds done in the past and focus on new India. People should stop demanding reservations on the basis of caste, creed, gender, religion or on economic basis. Any type of favor done to anybody will ultimately give the scope of discrimination. No one should demand the change will ultimately suits you. Think for the nation rather than thinking for self. It requires a complete change in the mindset of people.
Possible Solutions for the abolition of the reservation system:


Be neutral and keep the intentions good before any policy is made.


Remove the columns of title, caste, gender etc from the application forms. Provide Id number to all & Aadhar no. In place of mothers or fathers name.


Make educational apps in different languages (subject wise/ topic wise) so that anybody from any corner in any language can understand any chapter whether is it class VI, IX, X, XII. Let there be equal opportunity for all. This will solve the problem of not having good teachers or coaching centres in remote areas.


Stop programs like Mid-day meal, distributing cycles, uniforms, books etc. free of cost. Instead a mobile phone can be provided with net facility to the poor children.


Provide digital facility to all.


Use government schools (in remote areas) for skill development like carpentry, stitching, mobile/ computer repairing, cooking, photography, new methods of farming etc.


Provide basic education to all up to primary level. There is no point in teaching Maths, Science, English, and Social Science to all. It’s a complete wastage of time and money.


Print mark sheet in three different colours so that resourceful persons also

Cannot misuse it e.g. above 80% green, 60 to 80 % blue and 40 to 60% yellow. This will develop a healthy competition among children.


Keep a uniform syllabus all over the country.


Children with national merit in any field should get extra weight age.

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