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Manufacturing Industries Lesson Plan For Class X -

Written By Avinash Sharan

12th September 2021

Manufacturing Industries Lesson Plan For Class X – Activity Based

Manufacturing Industries lesson plan for class X students is essential to understand the chapter in a better way. Today, every teacher is looking for the best activity based lesson plan on Manufacturing Industries . Moreover, a good lesson plan provides step-by-step guide to teachers to dive deep into what he/she is teaching. It also tells you how teaching should progress  with the contents of the lecture. In this activity based lesson plan on Manufacturing Industries, we will incorporate the three basic arms of effective teaching namely

i) The basic objective of the chapter.

ii) Activities to be conducted while teaching the chapter and

iii) Assessment methods to be used in the class while teaching.

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Lesson Plan On Manufacturing Industries

Class X

Subject: Geography

No. of periods required: 08

Name of the chapter: Manufacturing Industries.

General Objective:

i) To create interest in the subject.

ii) To develop Critical thinking and problem solving skills.

iii) Also to develop communication and collaborative skills among the students.

iv) To make the students aware about the basic role of Manufacturing Industries.

Specific Objective:

To know the importance of Manufacturing Industries and its contribution to the National Economy.

To make the children understand how the raw materials are converted into finished goods.

Children will also learn how value is added to the product by manufacturing in industries.

Teaching Aid:

Map of India, Black-Board, Chalk, Duster, Smart class, PPT’s.


The teacher uses Interactive method with examples to make the topic clear.

Asks a few questions to check the prior knowledge of students about industries.

Teacher’s question: Where will you write down the notes given by your teacher?

Students answer: In our note book.

Teacher’s question: From where do you purchase these note books?

Student’s answer: From the book shop.

Teacher’s question: From where do the books and copies come in the shop?

Students answer: From the factory.

Teacher: Good. Do you know how the factories make books and copies?

Students: No answer.

Teacher: Don’t worry, today we will learn how things are manufactured in the industries.

We will also learn about the different types of industries.

Activity 1:

1. Debate on the topic: “Industries should be banned as it creates a lot of pollution”

The teacher divides the class into two groups.

One group will speak in favor of the topic.

The other group will oppose the motion.

Each group speaker will be given 3 minutes time to speak.

Maximum 3 speakers from each group can take part.

Students who are nor speakers will be allowed to ask one question to the speaker.

The speaker gets one minute time to answer the question.

Assessment Criteria:

i) Knowledge of the subject.

ii) Presentation.

Two students (one from each group) along with the teacher will judge the debate and accordingly marks will be awarded to the group.

Skills developed:

i) Critical thinking and problem solving skills.

ii) Communication and collaborative skills.


A Nukkad Natak on “Environmental Pollution” will be presented by the students to create awareness.

Nukkad Natak will be an activity for creating general awareness.

However, the teacher will not assess this activity.

Teaching Points:

i) Firstly, meaning and importance of Manufacturing.

ii) Secondly Factors which influence the location of an Industry.

iii) Thirdly types of Industries: Agro-based and Mineral based.

iv) Fourthly major industries.

v) Fifth – Risks and dangers involved in manufacturing Industries.

vi) Lastly Contribution of Manufacturing Industries in National economy.


i) Concept Mapping: The teacher asks the students to make a concept map to understand the location of an industry.

ii) Flow chart method: Draw a flow chart showing the classification of industries.

Home work:

Find out

i) What will happen if the industries are located away from the raw materials?

ii) In what ways industries create pollution? How will you control?

iii) What type of accidents take place in an industry?

Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary activities:

The teacher gives enough choice.

Students have to participate in any one activity.

However, students are free to take up any one activity either individually or in a group.

  1. Make a short film of 3 minutes on ” Swachchh Bharat Abhiyaan

Integrating with Mathematics:

Collect the data on land, Air, Water, and Noise pollution in the past three years by the industry.

Represent the data graphically.

Integrating with Drawing:

Design a stamp on “Swachchh Bharat Abhiyaan”

Integrating with Political Science:

Make strict rules for the establishment of industries.

Assessment criteria:

Moreover, the teacher will assess the project report under the following parameters:

Content, Presentation and Language.

Learning Outcome:

After reading the chapter, the students will be:

  • Firstly, able to classify the industries.
  • Secondly, understand the importance of the location of an industry.
  • Thirdly, appraise the importance of manufacturing industries in their economic growth.
  • Fourthly, Understand the role of the Manufacturing industries.
  • Lastly, Analyze the factors responsible for environmental pollution.

Remedial Measures:

  • Initially, the teacher prepares short questions and answers for the slow learners.
  • Moreover, the teacher also plans extra classes after school hours.
  • However, the teacher also uses the “Each One Teach One” method.

Conclusion: Manufacturing Industries

Firstly, The purpose of reading Manufacturing Industries is to make the students understand in a better way.

Secondly, This lesson plan includes many activities for the students.

Moreover, the activities are fun loving. Students will enjoy doing these activities.

Lastly, the teacher very smartly links this chapter with other subjects such as History, Political science, Drawing etc.

I am sure that you will find this “Manufacturing Industries Lesson Plan” interesting and useful.

Enjoy teaching with this lesson plan.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to comment and share.

Mention it in the given feedback form.

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