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31st December 2023

History Chapter 2  Lesson Plan From Hunting Gathering to Growing Food

Class VI History Chapter 2 Lesson plan  is the road map for any teacher. Moreover, you are more focused if you have Class VI History Chapter 2 lesson plan at the beginning of the session. You can easily use teaching aids and conduct tests. Social science of class VI  is based on concepts, therefore for better interaction with students, social science lesson plan is must. Many new teachers face problems in designing the Class VI History Chapter 2 lesson plan during their initial years. This post mainly deals with a detailed Class VI History Chapter 2 lesson plan. Hope, Class VI Social science lesson plan helps all social science teachers.

Here, I have tried to include objective, specific objective, method of teaching, teaching aids, activities, home-work planned, learning outcome and remedial measures in my Class VI History Chapter 2 lesson plan.

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History Chapter 2  Lesson Plan From Hunting Gathering to Growing Food

General Objective: Class VI History Chapter 2 Lesson Plan

Firstly, to develop students interest in the subject.

Secondly, to apply the knowledge practically in real life.

Thirdly, developing scientific temperament among the students.

Finally, to enhance student’s learning ability.

Specific Objective:

  • Students will know about the past.
  • They will also learn about the early civilizations.
  • Finally, Students will also understand about the progress made by humans.

Checking Previous Knowledge:

At first, the teacher checks the previous knowledge of the students by asking a question.

How do you think people must have changed from Hunter Gatherer to farmer?

Class VI History Chapter 2 Lesson Plan

Introducing Topic:

At first, the teacher introduces the topic by asking basic questions like:

Teacher: Where do early men used to live?

Student’s response: Forests, Caves.

Teacher: What type of work did they do?

Student’s answer: Hunting and gathering food.

Teacher: Did people lived alone or in group near river?

Student’s answer: Group.

Teacher: How and why did they become a farmer from hunter – Gatherer?

Students are unable to answer this question.

Statement of Topic

O.K. So, today we are going to find out how people changed from hunting – gathering to growing food.

Introducing Topic: story telling method

From Hunting – Gathering to growing food

Do you know, thousands of years ago people lived along the banks of a river.

However, they used to walk many kilometers in search of food.

Many a times, they could kill the animals but sometimes the animals killed them.

Perhaps, someone must have eaten something and threw a seed in the soil.

After sometimes, they must have noticed a plant coming out from the seed.

So, This gave them the knowledge of growing crops.

Therefore, they understood that with the help of sun, water and soil crops can be grown.

Finally, this changed their life and people from hunting gathering started growing food.

History Chapter 2  Lesson Plan From Hunting Gathering to Growing Food

Class VI History Chapter 2 Lesson Plan

Teaching aids:

Text Book, Black Board, You tube videos, Images and PPT


To begin with, the teacher starts the Interactive session with common examples.

However, the teacher uses various methods to make the topic interesting by interacting with the children in the class.

By asking very simple questions, the teacher draws the attention of the class.

Also make sure that the children are involved in the discussion.

Finally, While interacting with the students, the teacher also tells about different types of sources.

History Chapter 2  Lesson Plan From Hunting Gathering to Growing Food

Content/ Teaching Points:

  • The earliest people: why were they on move?
  • How do we know about these people?
  • Choosing a place to live in.
  • Finding out about fire.
  • A changing environment
  • The beginning of farming and herding.
  • Domestication
  • A way of new life
  • Towards a settled life
  • Living and dying in Mehrgarh

First Activity:

Open Book Assessment

The teacher conducts an open book test.

To begin with, she Prepares 10 short questions from the chapter.

Students are asked to find out the answers from the text book and write in their copy.

Time: 30 minutes.

Second Activity:

How do farmers grow food around the world?

Subjects Integrated: Science, Geography and Environmental education


There is a dual focus for this activity.

Investigating the origin of and growing methods for a food.

Over the course of several weeks, you can introduce different methods used by farmers to grow food,

why different methods are used in different parts of the world and engage the students by having them test various growing methods.

History Chapter 2 Lesson Plan From Hunting Gathering to Growing Food

Learning Objective:

By the end of the activity, students will be able to:

  • describe different methods of farming.
  • explain why different crops need different type of soils.
  • explain Growing season.

Class work: 

  1. i) Firstly, Objective and short answer type questions will be done.
  2. ii) Finally, Long answer type questions will be discussed and done in the class.


Draw or paste the pictures of different types of crops in different soils.

Values imparted:

Firstly, Social responsibility of preserving our soil.

Secondly, Sensitization towards mother earth.

Multidisciplinary Integrated learning:

  1. Art: Draw a scene of early settlement?
  2. English: Write a paragraph on the topic “How people must have started growing crops”.
  3.  Science: rub two stones and set fire.

Assessment Criteria:


  • Relevance of Content
  • Presentation of information gathered
  • Awareness of the information gathered
  • Creativeness
  • Analytical Skills

Learning Outcome:

After the completion of this chapter, students will be able to

  • Firstly, explain the topic how people started growing crops.
  • Secondly, discuss about source of History.
  • Thirdly, sketch out the information we get from ancient sources and
  • Finally, find facts about growing seeds, taming animals and discovering fire.

Remedial Measure:

Pair and share

Children sitting on the left side of the row will explain the chapter to the children sitting on their right.

History Chapter 2 Lesson Plan From Hunting Gathering to Growing Food


I hope Social Science Lesson Plan of class VI will be of great help to the new teachers.

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