Revising Class X Geography: A Deep Dive Into Key Concepts


Written By Avinash Sharan

19th January 2024

Unlocking The Secrets Of Revising Class X Geography

Unlocking The Secrets Of Revising Class X Geography is going to serve as a compass for class X students. These revision questions are going to empower you to navigate the complexities with confidence. Revising class X Geography will help you in understanding the key concepts of Geography. Now, when the syllabus is over in the schools and you prepare for your exams, the secrets of revising class X Geography will unfold your understanding. Not only that, but it will also equip you with the knowledge required for understanding the key concepts of class X Geography.

Unlocking The Secrets Of Revising Class X Geography

Q1. Coal is an essential fuel in Iron and steel industry. It is a ____________ resource.
A. Biotic
B. Abiotic
C. Renewable
D. Potential
Q2. I am responsible for giving sparkling effect to our teeth. Who am I ?
A. Copper
B. Mica
C. Limestone
D. Calcium
Q3. One of them is not my own brother listed below. Can you identify?
A. Anthracite
B. Bituminous
C. Magnetite
D. Lignite
Q4. You can easily find me in Koderma (Jharkhand). I am also present in your electric iron. Moreover, I am known for my excellent di-electric strength. Can you guess my name?
A. Aluminium
B. Iron ore
C. Copper
D. Mica
Q5. Without me you cannot make cement because I am the basic raw material used in cement industry. Do you know me?
A. Copper
B. Mica
C. Limestone
D. Calcium
Q6. I was brought from Yamen and planted on Baba Budan Hills. Who am I ?
A. Tea
B. Coffee
C. Rubber
D. Spices
Q7. Some people call me Dipa and some call me as Milpa but, do You know what people call me in North-East India?
A. Roca
B. Jhumming
C. Ladang
D. Bewar

Unlocking The Secrets Of Revising Class X Geography

Q8. I am a Subsistence crop in Odisha and West-Bengal but a commercial crop in Punjab and Haryana. Guess my name.
A. Rice
B. Wheat
C. Sugarcane
D. Bajra
Q9. Identify the odd one out.
A. Ragi
B. Castor
C. Jowar
D. Bajra
Q10. Villagers have fought against mining by citing the Wildlife Protection Act in Rajasthan? I am talking about which Tiger reserve?
A. Bandhavgarh
B. Sunderbans
C. Sariska
D. Ranthambhor
Q11. Which one of the following is wrongly matched.
A. Beej Bachao Andolan – Tehri
B. Joint Forest Management – Jharkhand
C. Chipko Movement – In the Himalayas
D. Navdanya – Crop production without use of synthetic chemicals.
Q12. I am a dam constructed over river Narmada. I was opposed by the Tribal people and local farmers. Moreover, environmentalists were also against my construction. Guess my name.
A. Rana Pratap Sagar
B. Nagarjun Sagar
C. Sardar Sarovar
D. Rihand
Q13. According to the main role, I can be classified as
A. Small scale industry and Large scale industry
B. Public sector and Private sector industry
C. Basic and Consumer industry
D. Heavy and Light industry

Q14. I am located near the Hugli basin. I need abundant water for processing. Cheap labors from the nearby states help me in my development. A policy was also formed by the Government in 2005 to promote me. Guess my name.

A. Jute
B. Paddy
C. Ragi
D. Millets.

Unlocking The Secrets Of Revising Class X Geography

Q15. I am light, rust free and good conductor of heat and electricity. People use me in making utensils, wires and aircraft. I have become popular because I am not very costly. Who am I ?
A. Steel
B. Aluminium
C. Copper
D. Zinc and Lead.
Q16. I can cause irritation and anger. Moreover,  I can also cause hearing impairment, increased heart rate & blood pressure. I ________________ pollution, I am only responsible.
A. Air pollution
B. Water Pollution
C. Noise Pollution
D. Thermal Pollution.
Q17. Geologists define me as a homogeneous naturally occurring substance with a definable internal structure. My presence in your body is 0.3 percent but without me you would not be able to utilize 99.7 percent of foodstuff. Can you guess my name?
A. Mineral
B. Salt
C. Calcium
D. Vitamin
Q18. You can find me in the western ghats. I am exported 100 percent from here. Although I am one of the largest deposits in the world but I am transported through pipelines. Who am I ?
A. Iron ore found in Kudremukh
B. Coal found in Bailadila
C. Coal found in Kudremukh
D. Iron ore found in Bailadila.
Q19. Which one of the following is correct about Copper, Bauxite and Mica.
A. All are ferrous minerals.
B. All are non-ferrous minerals.
C. All are metallic minerals.
D. All are non-metallic minerals.
Q20. I am Nagarcoil and I belong to Tamil Nadu. Moreover, I have great potential of ______________ power.
A. Nuclear.
B. Wind.
C. Tidal
D. Solar.
Q21. Identify me from the picture given below.


A. Wheat godown

B. Biogas Plant

C. Solar Heater

D. Room Heater

Unlocking The Secrets Of Revising Class X Geography

Q22. We are leguminous crops. Also, we are a major source of protein in vegetarian diet. Except me, all other help in restoring soil fertility and fixing oxygen in the soil. Who am I. 

A. Urad

B. Moong.

C. Masoor

D. Arhar

Q23. We are rich in iron, calcium and other micro nutrients and roughage. People also call us as coarse grains. Who are we?

A. Millets.

B. Pulses

C. Maize

D. Oil seeds.

Q24. I am a fibre crop. People also call me as Golden fibre. Moreover, I need well drained fertile soil in the flood plains where soil gets renewed every year. You can make gunny bags, ropes and carpets from me. Guess my name.

A. Maize.

B. Jute

C. Jowar

D. Cotton.

Q25. What is common between Cotton, Hemp, Jute and natural silk.

A. All are food crops.

B. They are used as food and fodder.

C. All are grown in Black soil.

D. All are fibre crops.

Q26. i am the capital of a state which receives highest rainfall in the world. Still, there is acute shortage of water. Almost every household in the city has rooftop rainwater harvesting structure. Who am I ?

A. Jaiselmer

B. Bangalore

C. Shillong

D. Gangtok

Q27. It is the first state in India which has made Rooftop rainwater harvesting structure compulsory to all the houses. Name the state.

A. Meghalaya

B. Rajasthan

C. Karnataka

D. Tamil Nadu

Q28. India receives ______  percent of the total global precipitation.

A. 1

B. 2.5

C. 4

D. 12.5

Q29. Krishna and Godawari river water dispute is raised by which two Indian states.

A. Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh

B. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

C. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

D. Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Unlocking The Secrets Of Revising Class X Geography

Q30. Which one of the following is not a demerit of dam?

A. Displacement of people.

B. Navigation and fish breeding.

C. Sedimentation.

D. Submergence of land.

Q31. In the extraction of iron in a steel industry ,  If iron ore is used 100 kg, I am used 50 percent of it? Who am I ?

A. Manganese

B. Limestone

C. Coking Coal

D. Nickel

Unlocking The Secrets Of Revising Class X Geography


  1. A. Biotic    2. B. Mica      3. C. Magnetite        4.  D. Mica        5.  C. Limestone         6.  B. Coffee  7. B. Jhumming         8. A. Rice          9. B. Castor  10. C. Sariska      11.B. Joint Forest Management – Jharkhand       12. C. Sardar Sarovar          13. C. Basic and Consumer industry       14.  A. Jute               15.  B. Aluminium     16. C. Noise Pollution        17. A. Mineral       18. A. Iron ore found in Kudremukh     19.  B. All are non-ferrous minerals.       20.  B. Wind.    21.  B. Biogas Plant     22. D. Arhar    23. A. Millets.    24.  B. Jute    25.  D. All are fibre crops.    26. C. Shillong          27.  D. Tamil Nadu    28. C. 4    29.  B. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka    30. B. Navigation and fish breeding.    31.  C. Coking Coal


These 31 questions will help you in revising class X Geography completely. With these 31 questions you will be able to solve all MCQ’s in the board exams. These 31 questions for revising class X Geography are unique and you will not find any where else. Solve these 31 questions to check your key concepts and do not hesitate to write your feedback in the comment box given below.

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